What is Milk Paint?



The Old-Fashioned Milk Paint Company has been faithfully producing a genuine Milk Paint as close as possible to the old primitive, home-made paint mixed on the back porch with skim milk or buttermilk, crushed limestone and pigments found around clay pits, and mineral colors crushed and powdered.


The look and feel of a surface painted today with milk paint is no different than what was found on furniture, walls and floors in country houses centuries ago.


Our Milk Paint is used by artists and craftsmen to create decorative results that cannot be achieved with other paints.




  • adheres to almost all clean, porous surfaces; mixed with our Extra-Bond, it will also adhere to just about any non-porous surface
  • no primer needed
  • dead flat, beautiful velvety finish
  • longest lasting paint known; colors will not fade
  • dries quickly (dry to touch in 30 minutes)
  • comes in 20 rich historical colors that can be blended to produce further tints and shades
  • odorless when dry
  • easily cleaned up with water
  • the greenest paint there is: biodegradable, non-toxic and VOC-free
  • indefinite shelf-life (in sealed bag as powder)


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