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Tung oil provides a low gloss hand-rubbed finish which not only enhances natural color, but is also extremely durable! Perfect for exterior wood surfaces too!

Tung oil works like magic: while other finishes just sit on the surface, it penetrates deep into the fibers, cures and becomes part of the wood. Rubs in like an oil, protects like a varnish! Resistant to water, alcohol and oils.

Tung oil is an exotic, naturally drying oil from South America and China. Non-toxic: can be used on kitchen equipment and children’s things as well.

Where can you apply it?

It is crucial for the tung oil to be able to penetrate the surface you are applying it to. Therefore it should be used on milk-painted, unfinished or bare wood.

 …and where shouldn’t you use it?

Previously waxed, varnished surfaces are not friends with tung oil. These finishes need to be removed before rubbing on tung oil.

100% pure tung oil!

Many products that are sold as tung oil are actually varnishes containing as much as 75% thinner. (Make sure you read the label!) Hope’s Tung Oil only contains what reads on the package: tung oil – no more, no less!

Protect your wooden pieces with tung oil:

.  Brush on or rub in a small amount. Wipe off excess oil.

.  You can apply as many coats as the wood will absorb. Allow each coat to dry (for at least 12 hours) before applying the next one. Buffing with fine steel wool or sand paper between coats enhances smoothness.

.  You can dillute tung oil with mineral spirits or citrus solvents to help the oil penetrate. The ideal ratio of thinner to oil depends on the material you are working with.

CAUTION! Tung oil generates heat as it dries, which can cause spontaneous combustion of oily rags, waste and other materials. Immediately after use and before disposal or storage, you must hand-wash oily materials thoroughly with water and soap. After washing, spread all materials outside to dry by flattening them out to their full size in an airy spot for at least 24 hours at temperature above 4°C.

Allergies: Tung oil is a tree nut product.

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Available Sizes:

.  0,47 liter (1 pint)

.  0,95 liter (1 quart)

.  3,79 liter (1 gallon)

Material Safety Data Sheet for this product is available here.