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Decorative Wax – Antique Brown

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Give your piece a rustic, aged look with decorative waxes!

Only the finest natural ingredients go into Daddy Van’s Decorative Wax: beeswax, carnauba wax and natural pigments – no more, no less!

Apply it over milk paint and…

Admire the Antique look!

.  You can use our decorative waxes several ways: from emphasizing just certain parts of your piece to making its entire surface look more textured or even as a stain! The choice is yours!

.  Safe to use on furniture, children’s toys and even kitchen cabinets and cutting boards.

.  No petroleum byproducts, no solvents, no artificial fragrances.

.  Improves air quality.

.  Protects your wood from water-spotting.

.  Fine texture – extremely easy to apply!

Age Painted furniture with dark wax easily:

.  It is best to apply a coat of clear wax before rubbing on dark wax. (Otherwise the colored wax will stain the paint.)

.  Using a brush or a cloth, work the decorative wax into crevices and cracks of your piece. (A little goes a long way!) Cover small areas at a time rather than trying to coat the whole piece all at once. Wipe off with a clean rag, removing most of the decorative wax.

.  To remove even more dark wax, you can use clear wax or you can carefully sand your piece with steel wool

.  You may apply several coats.

.  Apply it sparingly, trying to achieve a thin, even coat. Too much wax will make the surface sticky.

.  You can buff your piece to shine if that’s the look you are after.

.  If the surface gets damaged, just sand that part slightly and simply apply the wax again. :)

Available in Shadow Black as well!

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.  170 g (6 oz)