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EXTRA-BOND is mixed with Milk Paint before painting on surfaces such as glass, baked enamel, primed metal, oil or latex painted surfaces, varnished, shellacked or polyurethaned surfaces.

Our Extra-Bond is a water-based polymer emulsion. When added to Milk Paint it gives the paint greater adhesion to non-porous or previously finished surfaces. As an adjunct to Milk Paint, it is used by custom furniture builders, interior designers, craftsmen, and do-it-yourselfers on difficult surfaces.

It is environmentally safe and non-toxic, hypo-allergenic, low odor and VOC-free.

Practical and Convenient!

.  easy to use

.  fast drying

.  no odor when dry

.  completely environmentally safe, non-toxic and VOC-free

.  long shelf life

.  non-flammable 

.  easy soap and water clean-up

easy to use:

.  Measure out two parts of mixed Milk Paint and one part of Extra-Bond. Mix together. You may use one part Extra-Bond to one part Milk Paint for better adhesion. Apply to thoroughly cleaned surface with brush, roller or spray-gun.

.  Extra-Bond is not necessary in the second coat.

Got any questions?

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.  Read the detailed directions for using Extra-Bond!

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Available sizes:

.  0,47 liter (1 pint)

.  0,95 liter (1 quart)

.  3,79 liter (1 gallon)

Material Safety Data Sheet for this product is available here.