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Safecoat Acriglaze matte finish

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Safecoat is a premium quality coating for a wide variety of surfaces. Uniquely designed for optimal air quality and minimal exposure to chemical toxicity, Safecoat formulas are ideally suited for areas in which the health of occupants is of particular concern – including schools, hospitals, homes and offices. Safecoat clear finishes contain no formaldehyde, ammonia, aromatic hydrocarbon compounds or hazardous air pollutants.

Safecoat AcriGlaze is a special mixing medium and finish suitable for use even in the display, art and show fields. It is mildew resistant, odorless and dries clear. Ideal for restoring old finishes to their original brilliance, sealing and preserving painted work.

Simple, Safe and Durable!

.  easy to use: may be applied with brush, roller or spray-gun

.  superior durable and water-resistant finish

.  clear finish: does not darken colors of paint underneath

.  can be used on masonry, water-based paint, brick, plaster, wood, paneling, ceramic etc.

.  cleans up easily with water

.  odorless when dry; improves air quality by preventing chemical off-gassing

.  mildew resistant

.  eco-friendly and non-toxic   

Extremely Easy to use:

.  Apply in a thin coat with brush, roller or spray-gun.

.  Leave it to dry. You are done! :)

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Available Sizes:

.  0,95 l (1 quart) –  covers approximately  4,5 – 9 m2

.  3,79 l (1 gallon) –  covers approximately 18 – 36 m2

Material Safety Data Sheet for this product is available here.

SCS Certified Indoor Advantage Gold