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  • Painted furniture and vintage décor – buy them from home with one click!

  • Tejfesték - az eredeti

    Milk Paint – one of the oldest and greenest paints on the market!

  • Viaszok

    Natural polish for protecting raw and painted wooden surfaces + decor waxes for antiquing!

  • Tejfesték - falra

    Sealers and additives for Milk Paint: everything you might need!

  • Designers Guild fabrics and wallcoverings: innovative designs, various textures – order online!


Vintage stands for ‘old’, ‘valued’, ‘exceptional’. A vintage style home embraces old pieces that come with the warmth of use and a bit of their own history. But is buying restored or refinished furniture really a smart choice? Why not just buy new ones? Here’s why:

  • A vintage piece adds texture and personality to just about any interior. Even the most modern decor benefits from a few old pieces! At Azure Owl, we strive to create pieces that fit every home, while staying true to their character.
  • Old pieces are generally very well made. Also, if it has lasted this long, why wouldn’t it bear a few decades living with you? :) Our products are hand-made from old wooden pieces, using high-quality materials only.
  • Last, but not least: bringing vintage furniture into your home is one of the greenest acts you can perform! We are proud to offer an eco-friendly way in furniture painting and home decor!

Milk Paint

Our Old Fashioned Milk Paint is a re-creation of the ancient milk paint formula used before the sale of commercially made paints. The look and feel of a surface painted today with our milk paint is no different than what was found on furniture, walls and floors in country houses centuries ago.

Milk Paint penetrates into all porous (unfinished) surfaces. Mixed with our Extra-Bond, it will also adhere to just about any non-porous surface. No primer needed!

Our organic paint is safe not only for people, but also for the environment. The natural ingredients in the paint are used in the food and pharmaceutical industries, and are all biodegradable.

Available in twenty colors that dry to a beautiful velvet finish!

We ship to EU!

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