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Antique Crackle for Milk Paint

Using ANTIQUE CRACKLE is an easy way to achieve a weathered or “alligatored” look on furniture, picture frames, signs, etc. It is preferred by custom furniture builders, interior designers, artists, craftsmen, and do-it-yourselfers.

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It is biodegradable and non-toxic, brushes on easily and dries to a clear satin finish.


Antique Crackle can be used with either Milk Paint or some other water-based finishes. It is applied over a dried newly painted surface before the final coat and causes this final coat of paint to crackle. It can also be applied directly to clean surfaces such as bare wood, primed metal, glass, wallboard and previously painted or varnished surfaces.


It can also be used as a “crackle glaze”, creating a clear, crackled topcoat over bare wood or paint. For this effect a clear water-based finish such as our Safecoat Acriglaze is applied over a layer of Antique Crackle.


Our Antique Crackle is a natural liquid gelatin.




  • works with either Milk Paint or some other water-based finishes
  • a variety of crackle effects can be achieved
  • adheres to most clean surfaces
  • completely environmentally safe and non-toxic
  • fast drying
  • long shelf life
  • easily cleaned up with water
  • no odor when dry




  • Apply Antique Crackle in a generous, even coat.
  • After drying, flow the final coat of paint over the Crackle with full brush strokes in one direction. Use enough paint so you don’t have to go over the same area twice. Crackles will appear almost immediately! 🙂
  • If the paint is thin, crackles will be smaller. Thicker paint will make larger crackles.
  • The crackeld surface can be protected with any kind of non-water borne finish.


Available sizes:


  • 0,47 liter (1 pint) – covers approximately 2 m2
  • 0,95 liter (1 quart)  – covers approximately 4,5 m2
  • 3,79 liter (1 gallon) – covers approximately 18 m2


Material Safety Data Sheet for this product is available here.

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1/2 pint, pint (0,47 liter)